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Morning Service 10:30 am
Prayer Meeting  7:00 pm  
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Sunday Morning Service
1 John 1 - Are You Walking with Jesus 10/29/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 John 1 - Are You Seeing the Light
10/22/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Thess. 3 - Forward Into Glory
10/01/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
John 20 - Salvation in Christ
09/17/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Genesis 1 - The Gospel and Work
09/03/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Jude - A Gospel Worth Living For
08/13/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Jude - A Gospel Worth Contending For
08/13/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Future Truth For Present Living
08/06/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - A Future Promise and a Present Hope
07/30/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - The Law Obedience and the New Testament Believer
07/16/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Liberty Without Limits
07/02/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Wells Without Water
06/18/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - False Prophets and Future Promises
06/04/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska

Engleside Baptist Church and Christian School
8428 Highland Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309
Tel: (703) 780 - 5410
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Pastor Brad LapiskaEngleside is about people finding meaning in life by our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We have recognized that God loves us and that He has a special purpose for each of our lives that will bring us fulfillment and happiness. We know that He loves you and is ready to bring meaning to your life, just like He did ours. In today's world of uncertainty and instability, our preaching and teaching emphasize the stabilizing truths found in God's Word, the Bible.

Our preachers and teachers strive to apply those truths in a practical way to everyday life. We enjoy learning how to read and understand the Bible more effectively. And our teachers are willing to tackle the everyday challenges of life such as marriage, parenting, stress management, and finances. Those who learn God's patterns of life in the Bible and apply them to their lives, learn the life-changing principles of divine truth backed by divine power. They find the answers to life's ultimate questions!

When you have finished visiting us on our web page, why don't you come and visit with us on Sunday morning and see what it is all about? We have programs for all ages. We have a nice clean nursery. We have Bible studies for toddlers, children, teens, and adults. We have a youth group for teens, a Christian Day School (Pre-K - 6th grade), and men and women groups. We have something just for you!

Come and get to know us, and let us have the privilege of getting to know you.

His Servant,
Brad Lapiska, Senior Pastor



  • Vote on Pastor Lapiska as Staff Evangelist
    Today during the Church Family Hour, members will vote on placing Pastor Lapiska, upon his retirement, in the paid position of Staff Evangelist for a period of seven years. Constitutionally, the Staff Evangelist is charged to continue to be “involved in the preaching and teaching of the Bible and the principles of the Christian life to other churches and assemblies of Christians outside of EBC”. Pastor Lapiska, after seven years of service to our church without a 403b, was able to institute these retirement plans for EBC and ECS. The vote on Nov. 12th is to take the money currently in the budget for the Staff Evangelist and make up for the seven years the 403b plan was not available. Pastor Lapiska has requested that, after that time EBC would be released from financial obligation to him. Please be in prayer for supporting this gap-filler plan for Pastor Lapiska.

  • God’s Creation Calendar Sale
    ECS is selling God’s Creation Calendars for $7 a piece. These cal-endars are beautiful and make great Christmas presents. If you are interested in ordering, please contact Mr. Keith Paddock.
  • Prime Timer Activity
    Prime Timers' monthly fellowship is scheduled for Wednesday, No-vember 15, from 10.30-Noon. Location: EBC Conference room.
    Activity: writing our Christmas greetings to EBC's world-wide mis-sionaries, and gathering small items as Christmas surprises for our

  • Ladies’ Christmas Cookie and Sock Swap
    On Thursday December 7th, at 7pm., there will be a ladies’ fellow-ship at the church in the fellowship hall. We will have a Christmas cookie swap and a Christmas sock gift exchange. More details to come! See Jill Quigg if you have any questions.

  • Upcoming Giving Opportunities
    · Next Sunday: last day to bring a box of cereal to give to the Lorton Community Action Center to help needy families at Thanksgiv-ing.
    · Sunday, November 19th: a Thanksgiving Benevolence Offering to replenish our depleted Benevolence Fund for helping others.
    · Sunday, December 17th: a Christmas Offering to help Rapidan Baptist Camp build new cabins for our children.

  • Faith Bible Institute Spring 2018 Enrollment:
    The Spring Semester term is from January 22 to May 21,2018. Class times are every Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Online enrollment is open at www.fbiclass.comregister.html or get a brochure on the welcome desk.
    To receive an early enrollment discount, new and former students must register by November 15, 2017.
Going To Heaven? Prayer Request
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