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Sunday School  9:30 am
Morning Service 10:30 am
Fellowship  11:30 am  
  Family Service  12:00 pm  
Prayer Meeting  7:00 pm  
  AWANA begins September 3rd
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Sunday Morning Service
Col. 1 - Review of Collossians
02/07/16 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Col. 3 - The Status of Believers
01/10/16 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Protecting Yourself in Christ
12/20/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Model of Christian Ministry - Part II
12/13/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Model of Christian Ministry - Part I
12/06/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Celebrating Jesus with Thanksgiving
11/22/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
The Celebration of Thanksgiving - Part II
11/15/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
The Celebration of Thanksgiving - Part I
11/08/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
A Gospel Centric Master Strategy for Ministry - John 15
09/20/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
God's Divine Strategy for Salvation
09/13/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Matthew 6 - Biblical Wisdom for Wealth Part 2
08/30/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
Matthew 6 - Biblical Wisdom for Wealth Part 1
08/23/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
James 5 - Towards a Healthy Church
08/16/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
James 5 - The Call to Persist
07/26/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
James 4 - Humility in Action
07/05/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
James 4 - Drawing Near to God
06/28/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
James 3 - Wisdom From Above
06/21/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
James 3 - Taming the Tongue
06/14/15 - Pastor Brad Lapiska

Engleside Baptist Church and Christian School
8428 Highland Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309
Tel: (703) 780 - 5410
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Pastor Brad LapiskaEngleside is about people finding meaning in life by our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We have recognized that God loves us and that He has a special purpose for each of our lives that will bring us fulfillment and happiness. We know that He loves you and is ready to bring meaning to your life, just like He did ours. In today's world of uncertainty and instability, our preaching and teaching emphasize the stabilizing truths found in God's Word, the Bible.

Our preachers and teachers strive to apply those truths in a practical way to everyday life. We enjoy learning how to read and understand the Bible more effectively. And our teachers are willing to tackle the everyday challenges of life such as marriage, parenting, stress management, and finances. Those who learn God's patterns of life in the Bible and apply them to their lives, learn the life-changing principles of divine truth backed by divine power. They find the answers to life's ultimate questions!

When you have finished visiting us on our web page, why don't you come and visit with us on Sunday morning and see what it is all about? We have programs for all ages. We have a nice clean nursery. We have Bible studies for toddlers, children, teens, college and career, and adults. We have a youth group for teens, a Christian Day School (Pre-K - 6th grade), and men and women groups. We have something just for you!

Come and get to know us, and let us have the privilege of getting to know you.

His Servant,
Brad Lapiska, Senior Pastor



  • 2016 Directory
    Mrs. Tiffany French, the church secretary, will be at the information desk after the service to pass out the new church directory. The directories are for all members and regular attenders- one per household.

  • Prayer Meeting
    We all say prayer is important. We know our church needs God to give us the permits we need for renovation. You know you have personal needs you would like someone to take before the throne of grace. Join us each Wednesday at 7 p.m. for a season of personal prayer. For those who can stay after the prayer time, a helpful interactive lesson on prayer will be taught. The title of the lesson this Wednesday is “Obedience In Prayer.”

  • Parent’s Date Night
    On Friday, February 12, 2016 (6pm-9pm), Pastor Ben and the youth group will host a free babysitting activity night for kids 0-6 th grade. This is to allow the parents to enjoy a date night compliments of EBC. Pizza will be provided for the children and workers. This is the last Sunday to sign up!!

  • Baby Bottle Campaign
    Today is the day to drop off your filled baby bottles. Please see Tiffany French at the information desk in the lobby to drop it off. If you are not prepared with your baby bottle this week, EBC will continue to collect them next week. The bottles must go to Tiffany.

  • Community Dinner Groups
    This is the last week to sign up for our Dinner Groups ministry for the next quarter. Community Dinner Groups allow us to function as family. It’s about living life together for the sake of mission and not just attending church. If you are interested, please fill out the bottom of the form and place it in the basket at the information desk. We especially need coordinators who will oversee the group getting together. Additional forms are located at the information desk.

  • Missions Trip
    Today is the last day for contributing to Arnah Williams Rudicil and her husband James’ missions trip to Indonesia. You may donate to their trip by making your check to EBC, designating it “Indonesia Missions Trip," and putting it in today’s offering. We will forward your contributions to their mission board this week.

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