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Morning Service 10:30 am
Prayer Meeting  7:00 pm  
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Sunday Morning Service
2 Peter - Future Truth For Present Living
08/06/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - A Future Promise and a Present Hope
07/30/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - The Law Obedience and the New Testament Believer
07/16/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Liberty Without Limits
07/02/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Wells Without Water
06/18/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - False Prophets and Future Promises
06/04/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Live in the Light
05/21/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - Armed with Truth for Life
05/14/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
2 Peter - An Introduction to 2 Peter
05/07/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Lessons form the Black Sheep of the Family
04/30/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - The Lord on Leadership
04/09/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Suffering with One Another for the Glory of God
04/02/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Everyday Ethics and the End Times
03/26/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Advise on Suffering Continued
02/26/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Principles for Enduring Suffering
02/19/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Gospel Ethics for the Body of Christ
02/12/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Living the Gospel in the Home - Part II
01/29/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Living the Gospel in the Home - Part I
01/22/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - Suffering with Grace
01/15/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska
1 Peter - The Christian Community and Government
01/08/17 - Pastor Brad Lapiska

Engleside Baptist Church and Christian School
8428 Highland Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309
Tel: (703) 780 - 5410
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Pastor Brad LapiskaEngleside is about people finding meaning in life by our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We have recognized that God loves us and that He has a special purpose for each of our lives that will bring us fulfillment and happiness. We know that He loves you and is ready to bring meaning to your life, just like He did ours. In today's world of uncertainty and instability, our preaching and teaching emphasize the stabilizing truths found in God's Word, the Bible.

Our preachers and teachers strive to apply those truths in a practical way to everyday life. We enjoy learning how to read and understand the Bible more effectively. And our teachers are willing to tackle the everyday challenges of life such as marriage, parenting, stress management, and finances. Those who learn God's patterns of life in the Bible and apply them to their lives, learn the life-changing principles of divine truth backed by divine power. They find the answers to life's ultimate questions!

When you have finished visiting us on our web page, why don't you come and visit with us on Sunday morning and see what it is all about? We have programs for all ages. We have a nice clean nursery. We have Bible studies for toddlers, children, teens, and adults. We have a youth group for teens, a Christian Day School (Pre-K - 6th grade), and men and women groups. We have something just for you!

Come and get to know us, and let us have the privilege of getting to know you.

His Servant,
Brad Lapiska, Senior Pastor

Attention Visitors:

The complete renovation of our facility in its final stage!  On Sunday, July 2, we moved back into our renovated sanctuary and fellowship hall.  The education wing of our church, which includes our Christian School, is now under renovation.  It will be completed by mid-August, giving us new classrooms, new bathrooms, and a new nursery.

However, to meet county code regarding our bathroom renovations, we must shut down bathrooms on all three floors for a short period of time.  Even with the shutdown, there will be an indoor bathroom in the fellowship hall and an outdoor, handicapped-accessible port-o-john.  Recognizing the difficulty this poses to our congregation, the following changes are being made for the summer until our bathrooms are renovated and opened back up:

  • Because of our limited bathrooms, we will discontinue our Sunday School program just for the summer.  However, we have moved our Bible classes to Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. and feature adult, teen, and children's Bible studies and nursery for birth to 3 years old.  We have a great fall Sunday School line-up of classes planned as soon as our renovation is completed.

  • Don't' let this stop you from visiting us.  Please remember, we are very close to getting a beautifully renovated building.  Come visit this Sunday and let us take you on a tour!


  • Prime Timers Activity This Tuesday
    Prime Timers will meet this Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Russell and Patryce Williams residence (4201 Fielding Street). Patryce will give a presentation on the use of oils and how she has cared for her family during illness. Please let Ron or Hedy Vann know your plans to attend and if you need a ride.

  • Church Work Days This Friday and Saturday
    This is it! We are in the final phase of renovation. We need MANY volunteers this week to help us prepare for a new fall season of ministry and a new school year for ECS. This Friday and Saturday, August 18-19, volunteers are desperately needed to help unpack, move, and clean our facility. Join the excitement by helping us race to the finish line. Come be a part of this new era in EBC history as we look to more effectively serve our community in a beautiful new facility. Please sign up at the table in the lobby TODAY, or talk to Pastor Ben about your availability. Please note: if you are not available these days but would still like to help with other tasks, feel free to call the church office or contact Pastor Ben to work out when you can come in to work. Seriously, if you are ever going to come to a church work day, this is the one to come to.

  • Head of Household Offering Next Sunday
    Each year we take an offering for our single ECS teachers whose only source of income is what they earn in our ministry. These teachers work for way less than public school teachers just to be able to offer the ministry of a Christian based education to our children. Your generous gift is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

  • Deacon Nominations
    In January, we will vote on new deacons to serve the congregation. Members are invited to nominate men in our membership you believe have proven themselves spiritually mature and qualified according to 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Give your nomination to a pastor or deacon. Each nominee will be vetted for qualification and for desire, and if they agree to serve, will be placed on the ballot in January.

  • Faith Bible Institute
    Fall 2017 Semester IV class will start at 6:30 PM, Monday, August 21, 2017 and conclude December 11, 2017. The last day to enroll online is August 28, 2017 at www.fbiclass.com. Prospective students are invited to audit the class from 6:30 to 9:30 PM, Monday, August 21, 2017. Semester IV will include the following courses:
    - Bible 114: The Separate Kingdoms of Israel & Judah (Completes 1-2 Kings & 2 Chronicles, Obadiah, Joel, Jonah &Amos)
    - Bible 214: New Testament Epistles II (1 & 2 Corinthians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon & Philippians) - Theology 214: Doctrine of Salvation
Going To Heaven? Prayer Request
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