Engleside Baptist Church

Engleside Baptist Church and Christian School
8428 Highland Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309
Tel: (703) 780 - 5410


To Glorify God by nurturing believers in Christian Community in order to demonstrate God’s grace to our community and proclaim the Gospel to the world. (Matthew 28:19-20)

The church purpose is accomplished through individual Christians who embrace the pillars of the Christian life which are:

  • The Sovereignty of God
  • Union with Christ
  • Empowerment of the Spirit


The community of the church guides Christians by providing training and opportunity to participate in the essential tasks of

  • worship
  • service
  • education
  • fellowship
  • evangelism


  • Building the ministry by building the people who do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13).
  • Each ministry of the church led by a trained leader who can articulate the purpose of the ministry and who can train his workers to accomplish that purpose in a decent and orderly manner (2 Timothy 2:2).
  • Each member taught how to be a minister so that they can be involved in making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).
  • Each member learning to love God and love others as God has first loved them (John 15:12).
  • Each member learning to sense God's working in and about them through their relationship with Him and with others (John 15).
  • Each member spiritually empowered to join God in His work by using his spiritual gifts and God-given abilities to minister to others in the church and to be a witness in the community (1 Corinthians 12:1; John 15:26-27).


These Scriptural Principles guide our Ministry:

  • We hold the Scriptures to be the self-sufficient rule of faith and practice (2 Peter 1:3).
  • We recognize that Christians become Christ-like progressively by God's grace and by instruction in God's Word (2 Peter 1:2-8).
  • We believe that each Christian has a responsibility to evangelize the lost, and that a changed life is the most faithful and effective way of accomplishing evangelism (Matthew 5:16).
  • We believe that each Christian is saved to serve, that the local church must equip its members to do the work of the ministry, and that God wants each member serving (Ephesians 2:8-10).
  • We are committed to ministering after the pattern of our Lord and Savior (Matthew 20:25-28).
  • We are committed to being world-wide witnesses of Christ (Acts 1:8).
  • We are committed to faithful stewardship (Luke 12:35-48).
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